Infections Aquired in Pregnancy

Obstetrics and Gynaecology

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Infections Acquired in Pregnancy
Data 2fimages 2fftl1bnwtaylo8iueh2xa 181206 s1 mushtaq saima perinatal infections
Perinatal Infections
Data 2fimages 2fx8lj8jtiq5yhzwiim3mz 181206 s2 mushtaq saima cytomegalovirus and chicken pox
Cytomegalovirus and Chicken Pox
Data 2fimages 2fkt63o4hrgcbgiysmxcgg 181206 s3 mushtaq saima other congenital infections
Other Congenital Infections
Data 2fimages 2ftekp6y9fqls35jtjx6rt 181206 s4 mushtaq saima infections acquired during delivery
Infections Acquired during Delivery
Data 2fimages 2f3fxpvziqrqcl4q46taf2 181206 s5 mushtaq saima human immunodeficiency virus
Human Immunodeficiency Virus

Lecture´s Description

The goal of this lecture is to expand the knowledge about Infections Acquired in Pregnancy. So, in this regard, rubella, syphilis and toxoplasmosis are elaborated along with their clinical features, effect and treatment. After that, educator make perfectly clear the rate of infection triggered off by cytomegalovirus as well as chicken pox. Furthermore, educator reveals what serious results listeria can cause and how do malaria effect pregnancy. Next, factors influencing transmission of herpes are focused. Lastly, the risk factor, management, and treatment for HIV is pursued.

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