Clinical Aspects of Mendelian Genetics


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Clinical Aspects of Mendelian Genetics
Data 2fimages 2fgdzrp6krpqmv4yyxkafq 190112 s1 afridi maham mendelian traits
Mendelian Traits
Data 2fimages 2frfhdqzhbqam8zw7r2lma 190112 s2 afridi maham autosomal inheritance
Autosomal Inheritance
Data 2fimages 2fntgtlaotuareppxjueax 190112 s3 afridi maham autosomal recessive inheritance
Autosomal Recessive Inheritance
Data 2fimages 2fhsr83m8fscg9x914ow2k 190112 s4 afridi maham sex linked inheritance
Sex Linked Inheritance
Data 2fimages 2f0003uwy0q6k4pgijgnsm 190112 s5 afridi maham x linked inheritance
X-Linked Inheritance

Lecture´s Description

A Mendelian trait is one that is controlled by a single locus in an inheritance pattern. Non-Mendelian traits involves multiple alleles or polygenes. Mendelian traits that are transmitted by genes that lie on the autosomes demonstrate autosomal inheritance.

Autosomal inheritance is characterized by the transmission of the two alleles segregating independently.  The inheritance of a trait that is determined by a gene located on one of the sex chromosomes is called sex-linked inheritance. Y-linked inheritance, also referred to as holandric inheritance.

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