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Brain Development
Data 2fimages 2fshnitfeaq3wij0imdkiu 181129 s1 rehman sannan brain flexures
Brain Flexures
Data 2fimages 2fy8ypfg2qqhec06jtjsba 181129 s2 rehman sannan ventricular system
Ventricular System
Data 2fimages 2fpyyqkfuto2fpdenyfnhg 181129 s3 rehman sannan hindbrain
Data 2fimages 2frwbzpolsq26qg2lrulmg 181129 s4 rehman sannan midbrain
Data 2fimages 2fn1v30oibstkeqbqncx5l 181129 s5 rehman sannan forebrain

Lecture´s Description

Brain Flexures

This lecture is devoted towards the understanding of the Brain Development. The key focus of section one is on the Brain Flexures. The educator started off by talking about the Development of Brain. Following this, Adult Derivatives of Brain Vesicles have been presented in a tabular form. In addition to this, Flexures of Brain and Pontine Flexure has been shed light on. In the end, the educator concluded by speaking about the Cervical Flexure and Cephalic Flexure, respectively.

Ventricular System

Second section emphasizes on the Ventricular System. In the beginning, Development of Ventricular System has been conversed about. Subsequently, Cerebrospinal Fluid has been brought under discussion. Conclusively, the educator has winded up by mentioning about the Clinical Correlation including Hydrocephalus and Dandy–Walker syndrome.


The chief focal point of section three is the Hindbrain. At the start, Hindbrain (Rhombencephalon) has been communicated about. Succeeding this, Hindbrain Development and Functional Columns of Gray Matter have been brought under an extensive debate. Moreover, Developing Fourth Ventricle and Cerebellum has been discussed as well. In the end, the educator has alluded to another part of the brain termed as Cerebellum.


Section four aims at talking about the Midbrain. Initially, Midbrain (Mesencephalon) has been described. Secondly, Midbrain Development has been spoken about. In the end, the educator wrapped up by bringing Midbrain (Mesencephalon) under dialogue.


Section five of this lecture accentuates the Forebrain. First and foremost, Forebrain (Prosencephalon) has been referred to. Furthermore, Hypophysis Cerebri and Pineal Gland has been expounded. Besides this, Telencephalon has been comprehensively stated. Finally, the educator has reported about the Development of Corpus Striatum and has brought Membranes and Meninges of Brain under discussion, correspondingly.

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