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Antenatal Care
Data 2fimages 2fnu8eht3crhouivmxiwx3 180926 s1 mushtaq saima routine antenatal care
Routine Antenatal Care
Data 2fimages 2fmh9ilu70r9ca7yp3fs4a 180926 s2 mushtaq saima clinical examination and screening
Clinical Examination and Screening
Data 2fimages 2fobyajtpvsy26wxw6jy1d 180926 s3 mushtaq saima infections and fetal anomaly
Infections and Fetal Anomaly
Data 2fimages 2fbkhohmzitbwlxinnnwb9 180926 s4 mushtaq saima dietary advice
Dietary Advice
Data 2fimages 2fovomgxa6tkompkclk5tf 180926 s5 mushtaq saima antenatal education
Antenatal Education

Lecture´s Description

Routine Antenatal Care

In this lecture ´´Antenatal Care´´ is explained. Section one is about ‘‘Routine Antenatal Care’’. At first, educator explains the aims of routine antenatal care. After that, information about preconceptual care and vitamin supplementation is conveyed. Then risk of substance abuse in pregnancy is pursued. Educator also talks about alcohol intake. Subsequently, illicit drug use is discussed.

Clinical Examination and Screening

Section two is about ''Clinical Examination and Screening''. Initially, educator focuses changing demographics of pregnancy. Then discusses booking visit. Likewise, schedules of routine antenatal care are explained. Afterwards, obstetric history comes under consideration. Furthermore, elucidation of routine screening tests is given. Next subject of explanation is blood group and antibodies. Later on, use of anti-D immunoglobulin is highlighted.

Infections and Fetal Anomaly

Section three is about ''Infections and Fetal Anomaly''. Earlier in this section, infection screening is pursued.  After that syphilis is elaborated. Then hepatitis is discussed. This is followed by human immunodeficiency virus. Subsequently, group B streptococcus is elaborated. Urinary tract infection is also covered in this part. Later on, light is shed on gestational diabetes. Then educator talks about screening for fetal anomaly. Lastly, information is revealed about nuchal translucency and biochemical screening.

Dietary Advice

Section four is about ''Dietary Advice''. In the beginning educator talks about dietary advice i.e. diet of appropriate quality and quantity. Information about energy intake and protein dosage is also delivered. Educator notifies about fats and carbohydrates. Concluding comments are given on minerals and vitamins.

Antenatal Education

Section five is about ''Antenatal Education''. Primarily, coitus in pregnancy is discussed. Educator gives information about breast care. Subsequently, social and cultural awareness is highlighted. In the end, safe prescribing in pregnancy is covered.

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