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Maham Afridi

☊ MS (Microbiology)

World of learning is in flux and its changing fast there are new innovative methodologies being applied world over so that students can learn quickly and understand concepts in a better way. Sqadia is an excellent platform for students of biological and medical background. It’s a modern way to access lectures from experts from various fields. It’s helping students globally to learn complex concepts without putting too much pressure on their pockets.

Hammad Haider

☊ Orthopedic Surgeon

Sqadia.com is a brilliant effort to bring education and conceptual medical learning at one's smartphone with a personalized touch. World has shifted from rote learning and memorizing facts to more in-depth conceptual evaluation of core medical knowledge, it's sqadia.com which is in fore front of that change so that now students but future doctors would be able to give better care to their patients and eventually affecting patient care worldwide.

Saima Mushtaq

☊ Doctor (M.B.B.S, USMLE)

I have been working with sqadia.com for about 6 months and it has been a great experience. It is a very good website for medical students to learn different subjects. All the educators are qualified and well experienced. Their amazing audio-visual team is tirelessly working to make presentation more innovative and fascinating learning experience. I recommend this website to all the students and doctors who are studying medical sciences.

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